Easy to install

The Complete CSR Toolkit is an application that is very easy to install. You just have to follow the on screen instructions. Please see the installation steps detailed bellow.

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How to install The Complete CSR Toolkit - step by step guide

STEP 1 - Select the installation language

You can select the installation language from the drop down box displayed on this window. The language you will select at this point will also be the language The Complete CSR Toolkit will use at startup.

Press the OK button to go to the next step or Cancel to abort the installation.

STEP 2 - The welcome screen

This is simply a welcome screen. Press the Next button in order to continue installation.

STEP 3 - The License Agreement

In order to be able to install this software application, you have to agree to the terms stipulated in the License Agreement. Please read carefully these terms and then check the I accept the agreement radio button. Click Next to continue the installation.

STEP 4 - Select the destination folder

At this point you will have to select the folder where you want The Complete CSR Toolkit to be installed. You can do this by entering the path manually, or by using the Browse button. After you selected the location you can proceed forward by pressing the Next button.

STEP 5 - Selecting components

There are two components: the application itself (this is mandatory) and the Example data files. These files contain example data for all the modules and you can use them to test the application's features. There are two choices:

  • Full Installation (this will install all components);
  • Custom Installation (this will allow you not to install the example data files).

Press the Next button in order to go to the next step of the installation process.

STEP 6 - Start menu folder

The setup program will create a folder on the Start Menu. The name of this folder will be the one you will enter at this step. Of course, you can choose not to create a Start Menu folder by checking the Don't create a Start Menu folder check box.
Press Next to go to the next step.

STEP 7 - Create shortcuts

The setup program can create shortcuts in the Start Menu and/or on your desktop. Please select the desired options and then click the Next button to continue.

STEP 8 - Summary

This window presents all the choices you've made in the previous steps. If you want to change something, you can press the Back button and do it. After you are satisfied with all the choices press Next to start the installation process.

STEP 9 - Done!

The application is now installed on your computer. You can start using it imediately by checking the Launch The Complete CSR Toolkit check box.

Press Finish to close the setup program.

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